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What can be addressed in CBT with 'Therapy with Alison'

I have listed some psychological issues that can arise but this is not exhaustive.

When our thoughts get so negative and distressing we can become stuck.

When stuck, we continue to hold on to the same old negative thoughts and fail to learn new ones and thats when we run into problems!


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It looks at the sequences or events more clearly to work on the meaning we give them.

The meaning we attach to certain things determines how we think and feel.

Although CBT cannot cure your physical condition or symptoms, it can help you cope better with your symptoms.

CBT aims to unravel problematic thoughts and attach new meaning with positive thought gets you unstuck!


The ultimate goal is to get you to the point where you become your 'own therapist', you maintain your goals thus maintaining your alternative positive thoughts and behaviours and feel better within yourself.

CBT can help break the vicious cycle

" Don't believe every worried thought you have.

Worried thoughts are notoriously inaccurate"

                                                                     Renee Jain

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