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What Happens in a Therapy Session?

Working with a professional therapist can be valuable as it gives you the unique opportunity to share what's on your mind in a safe and confidential way.  

Your therapy session is your safe space to talk freely and honestly and not worry about hurting anyone's feelings.  You get to talk and work through issues to solve problems, improve insights, increase coping skills and improve mood regulation.  Long term...not only is it better for you but  those important to you too!

Working Through the Principals of CBT
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It's important that I gain a full understanding of your perspective on what you find problematic. Your assessment is your opportunity to spell out the way you see yourself and your life and the issues causing you problems.

You will have a good idea how you wish things were your GOALS, big or small, can be discussed...realistic aims and wishes will form the basis of therapy for you!

Keeping your goals in your mind gives you clarity to what you're working towards, purpose and meaning!

One to one sessions will be informal for you to feel comfortable talking about things personal to you. You are assured of a relaxing pace as we work through your therapy. There is no expectation or pressure...this is your therapy tailored for your needs and offer the space and time you need to work within!

Believe me, when you invest your efforts in between session work, things happen! Your motivation to push to your goals make all the difference in using the CBT tools and techniques. Be patient, sometimes it takes time, sometimes it doesn't...but in trying, shows you what you're capable of and the control you can take back to increase your confidence!

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Well firstly, we'll complete your assessment so I can fully understand what you're finding challenging or difficult

Target Stands

We'll establish what problems you wish to focus on and  mutually agree your therapy goals

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We'll then schedule therapy sessions to work through your therapeutic agenda. Session amount depends on how we feel therapy is progressing.

Notebook and Pen

We'll plan between session work which is a vital component of therapy to regain a good level of functioning and meaningful change.

Working through therapy...

The therapeutic relationship in CBT is so important. Establishing rapport and building trust with you, to comfortably work through personal issues is integral to good  therapy outcomes.

There is both a structure and informality in working therapeutically but it's important you know that we'll work collaboratively throughout.



“The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity.”                                                                                                                             Amelia Earhart

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